Steel Products


About carbon steel and alloy steel related products.

Carbon steel and alloy steel are necessary for all kinds of manufacturing.  
The products support our lives in various parts of society, though we usually do not notice them. 

Rhinos International will contribute to many businesses that need them while utilizing the know-how of stable supply that we have built independently. 

Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire / Zinc Aluminum Alloy Coated Wire


We handle hot dipped galvanized wire and zinc aluminum alloy coated wire in Japan and overseas.
For hot dipped galvanized wire, we guarantee JIS G3547SWM GS-3 and other standard products, and for zinc aluminum alloy coated wire, we guarantee a plating adhesion amount of 300 gr/ and an aluminum content of at least 10%.

Main applications:

Sale of materials for wire mesh products used for civil engineering, construction, fisheries, and environmental greening.


Various Stainless Steel Wires (for Non-Welding Applications)


We handle a wide range of stainless steel wires (including ultra-fine wires) which are used by automobile cable manufacturers, etc.

Main applications:

Braiding, roping, mesh, filter, etc., automobile control cables and medical wires


Various Alloy Steels


We handle a wide range of alloy steel (tool steel, bearing steel, etc.) and stainless steel, from billets to wire rods, strips, plates, and coils, regardless of whether they are first-class products or not from major manufacturers in Japan and overseas.  
We also accept requests for materials, processing methods, and shapes (including packaging materials,) please feel free to contact us through “Contact Us Form.”


Main Steel Types Handled:

SC, SCM, SNCM, SNC, SCR (stainless steel) Austenitic 300 SERIES, Ferritic 400 SERIES


Other Steels

As for other steels, we also handle non galvanizing wire ropes, alloy steel round bars, the non-first-class standard of wire rods, stainless steel sheets and electromagnetic steel sheets.