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The harmful substances have been regulated under the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive and the Minamata Convention on Mercury as concerns to the human body and the environment.
We have promptly responded to these business changes such as launching mercury-free rotary connector to the world.

Rotary Connector


This product is a component that constantly connects a rotating body and a non-rotating body. It has a wide range of use as a connecting component that is indispensable for power supplying to rotating devices and exchanging electrical signals.
Unlike conventional slip rings, the mercury contacts eliminate noise and can be connected even with minute signals.
As mentioned above, with tighter restrictions on use of environmentally hazardous substances, we’re proactively managing the selling of “mercury-free rotary connectors” that do not use mercury, and we have good feedback from our customers.
We offer a variety of innovative rotary connectors that achieve high quality, low price, low noise, and environmentally friendly according to the applications.


It can be used in various rotating objects and devices such as plating equipment, turntables, various medical apparatus, robots, packaging equipment, surveillance cameras, lighting devices, etc.
In addition, custom orders according to the applications and specifications are also accepted. Please feel free to contact us.
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