Welding Materials


We handle welding materials made with high technology. We also respond to diversifying welding demand by aligning various brands from shielded metal arc welding rods to automatic/semi-automatic welding wires and flux.
In addition, with the awareness of reducing the environmental impact, we handle welding materials such as “wires without copper plating” that do not use copper plating.

Mild Steel Welding Materials


We handle a wide variety of wires such as solid wires, TIG/MIG wires, etc. JIS and other certifications have been acquired, which the products could be used with confidence.
Especially for solid wires, we offer various types of “non-copper-plated wires” as value-added products that are excellent in terms of environmentally friendly.
In Japan, it is used by automobile manufacturers, automobile-related manufacturers, heavy equipment manufacturers, housing manufacturers, etc.

Main items handled:




Stainless Steel Welding Materials


Stainless steel has been used in a wide variety of industries such as automobiles, chemical plant equipment, plants, as applications have expanded and diversified in response to the needs of the times.
At the same time, the diversification of welding materials has made it difficult to secure the stable supply of the welding material that suits the application. We can provide the appropriate solution to those tasks.


Main items handled:

Various flux cored wires



Brass Welding Materials


We imported from Taiwan the brazing wires for the sheet steel using in automobile related industries and managing the sales.